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The Two Gangsters of Marketing ~ SMM and SEO

Is your business being held to ransom with expensive PPC [pay-per-click] and CAC [customer acquisition costs]? If the answer is yes, you are not alone.

Dynamic marketing techniques matter more than ever in today's frenetic world and the lack of net neutrality doesn’t help businesses that seek to stay on a tight budget.

The action of buying visits to your site and earning visits to your site organically are both valuable methods of modern marketing tactics.

Those two gangsters of the marketing world, SMM [social media management] and SEO [search engine optimization] can extort significant funds from your bank account and it can become a bit of a racket if you are not experienced at navigating the ever changing landscape.

Social migration happens in all cultures. The social media population is no exception. SMM is time-consuming and the term 'influencer' has become a dirty word. Your key audience may drift about from platform to platform, and the continual increase in sandboxes that are available is mind-boggling, even to those of us that are marketing pros. It is essential to know where to go for good ROI and not become caught up in a state of paranoia about missing out,

Businesses that rely on PPC to drive sales are not activating the benefits of Google core changes.

Long term PPC expenses will be driven higher and higher for a business as the algorithms ascertain their productive value and cash in on the naivety of the business owner. It is much smarter to take a multi-pronged approach to marketing strategy. The value of having good content across all channels that is regularly updated is becoming increasingly important to successfully market a product or service. It is essential to move with the times. For example, did you know keywording is already 'old hat'? Talking about keywords is a bit like ‘back in the day’ techniques such as naming your business with an A or a number hoping to get it listed first online. Hiring a professional content writer and implementing a market strategy can save you thousands of dollars a year in pay-outs to the two gangsters of marketing, SMM and SEO.

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