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Dynamic Marketing Starts Here

Dynamic marketing requires a smart content strategy and astute use of all the modern day distribution options to get the word out to the target population.

Horse in a Kilt Media proudly offers a full range of services to ensure your business can be successfully branded through transparency and trust, grow steadily with intense loyalty and return sales, and stay dancing well above the noise of the competition.

Budget to VIP

Marketing packages run the gamut from budget-friendly start-up deals to VIP remote team member options. Whatever level you choose, Horse in a Kilt Media delivers effective content production on time and on point.

Not Your Average Bear

Our ethic is to work energetically with each client to maximize the positive results. No static, stuffy, PR company here! Individually designed approachable content, flexible prime packages that can be adjusted for seasonal needs, ensure every marketing contract is individually designed to address both the budget needs and the developmental needs of the brand.

Outstanding Creativity

Intelligently written and applied creative content targeted for maximum return on investment brings ‘home the bacon’. Collaboration with your existing marketing team is welcomed. Every client is assigned a designated remote expert as a ‘right hand’ content producer and marketing guru for their business.

Take A Look

Trying to figure out how to decide the best strategy is not always easy without a professional background in the marketing field. But you do know your business. That’s a great 1st step. The 2nd step to your success is to understand what the major components of marketing are and what they bring to the table. Here are the fundamental marketing services that Horse in a Kilt Media offers:

• Multi-platform Content Creation
• Content Strategy Development
• E-blasts/Drip Campaigns/Newsletters and use of AI
• Op-Ed Campaigns
• Promotional Campaigns and Event Management
• Brand Building Workshops
• Search Engine Optimized Content
• Media Relations
• Press Releases and Presser Distribution
• Social Media Management and Influencing
• Livestreaming/Podcasts/Webinars/Videography and Photography Services

Let’s break them down:

Multi-Platform Content Creation/Content Strategy Development/E-blasts/Newsletters, Drip Marketing
                /Use of AI

1. Multi-Platform Content Creation

Targeted unique and engaging copy has to be written for a specific platform. Multiple tones and brilliant wordsmith skills are required with a cohesive note to the content.

2. Content Strategy Development

It is no use galloping around in excitement blindly marketing whatever your writing skill set can create. Tactical talent, and a smart distribution strategy will bring the best return on investment.

3. E-blasts/Newsletters, Drip Marketing /Use of AI

These options will funnel sales to your business. A balanced approach is needed with a clear understanding of who your potential customer is and how best to approach them. Don’t leave this to a generic large company that won’t learn your business inside out.

4. Advertorials/Op-Ed

Horse in a Kilt Media offers an immediate advantage to their clients as an imprint publisher of magazine outlets to distribute these types of content at reasonable expense.

5. Promotional Campaigns and Event Management.

Fresh ideas and sincere ability to manage brings new attention to your product or service and provides an invaluble, (and importantly legal method), to grow a premier quality email list with low acquisition cost.

6. Search Engine Optimized Content

Without this your company is beached. No incoming tide will raise you off the sands. We stay current on all the latest needs.

Raised Image
Media Relations/Social Media Management and Influencing/Livestream/Podcast/Webinars/Video/Photo

7. Media Relations

Excellent press release and broadband distribution services ensure your business is kept in the limelight.

8. Social Media Management and Influencing

Extensive media channel action across all platforms funnels success to your website.

9. Livestream/Podcast/Webinars/Video/Photo

Lights. Camera. Action. Savvy selection for your brand will bring an excellent ROI.

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