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We are passionate about supporting your journey in book publishing. Whether designed for business leadership marketing or a work of fiction or non-fiction you’ve always dreamed of publishing, our media pros bring it home.

Digital & Print

From copy edited written word to publication fruition, why not rely on experts to guide you through the production mire. We can provide post press distribution and PR/Marketing services to ensure your title reaches past the ‘soft circle.’

Smashing Editorial Services

Services offered include galley setup to contracts and copy-editing to final print. Not a writer yourself? Ask about our ghostwriting option. Not an artist? Ask out our cover art production.

Magazine Imprints

Horse in a Kilt Media publishes several magazine imprints, including the highly successful Catskill Horse Magazine that reaches audiences across NY, NJ, PA, MA and OH. Need content or media help for your magazine? Just ask.

The Power Of Publishing

Horse in a Kilt Media offers a myriad of publishing services direct to authors and also to colleagues within the industry.

From galleys and set-up, contracts, editorial and copy-editing to final print, the art of producing a high quality page-turning read is the company’s mission.

In addition to publishing both fiction and non-fiction across a field of genres, Horse in a Kilt Media also publishes imprints for both non-profit and commercial entities in the magazine category.

An example is the highly successful digitally produced community resource Catskill Horse Magazine. Originally founded as an equestrian resource for the local equestrian community in 2012, it has fulfilled its mission to remain free to read without subscription.

The reach of this humble magazine has far exceeded its local perimeter. It’s highly engaged audience now spans the length and breadth of New York State, Eastern Ohio, Northern PA and NJ and Western MA. Its readership has also crossed oceans to reach South Africa, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

If you have a book project that you wish to advance, either for business leadership marketing (the ultimate authority marketing technique!) or a work of fiction you’ve always dreamed of publishing, please reach out to Horse in a Kilt Media for expert help.

In addition to the fine print of publishing titles, the company also offers PR/Marketing resources to actually market and sell copies. Marketing talent is a key component in the success of any book. However well written or widely a title is initially received, in order to be successful a book must surpass sales in the ‘soft circle’ of friends and family.

Services available include website designs and provision, event & publicity planning (did you know Horse in a Kilt Media handles several ‘B’ list celebrities PR, so has the experience to showcase your finest efforts to the world at large), press releases and distribution, and all the ‘Canny Creative Content’ options Horse in a Kilt Media is renowned for producing.

Your success is our success. Horse in a Kilt media pros are passionate about supporting your journey and ensuring the outcome is the best it can possibly be, so don’t be shy to ask!
Hamish the Horse

Say ‘Hullo’ to Hamish the Horse

Hamish the Horse is a beloved fictional character foaled out by Horse in a Kilt Media. From a weanling he has grown into an important cause marketing program for the company advocating for the health and welfare of his fellow herd members and others in need.

Hamish The Horse canters about the land delving into everything horsey from the horse’s POV and offers sage advice on a huge meadow of topics. Never one to let the grass grow under his hooves, Hamish The Horse will soon be authoring his own tales in kid (and adult) friendly books.

A percentage of sales from his keen endeavors will be donated to charitable causes such as horse and pet rescues, horse and pet related therapy programs, and feeding the human hungry. Horse in a Kilt Media already donates to food pantry programs and looks forward to extending this much needed help.

More updates coming. Haste ye back!

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